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Ryan Poles says Chicago Bears are ‘all in’ on Justin Fields

So much for the new front office and coaching staff of the Chicago Bears not believing in quarterback Justin Fields. General Manager Ryan Poles appeared on ESPN 1000 Friday and confirmed he and the entire Bears organization are “all in” on Fields in 2022 and beyond.

“We’re all in on Justin. I believe in Justin,” Poles said. “Our coaches believe in Justin. Like I said from the beginning, we’re going to set him up to succeed.”

Poles has come under fire this offseason for his apparent failure to do just that. He hasn’t added any established veteran wide receivers to the roster nor has he upgraded the offensive line beyond the free-agent signing of center Lucas Patrick. And even Patrick is more of an average starter.

“My level of belief is sky high,” Poles said. “And the one thing you can tell, the way this guy is moving around the building right now, is he is locked on. He is focused. And he wants to be great. He’s a first-in, last-out type guy. Not even type guy – he is that guy, and he’s pulling this team together. You can tell the (trust) he has with other people. All these guys, they’re showing up, they’re going to work. They’re doing extra with him. He’s locked in with (offensive coordinator) Luke (Getsy).”

Ryan Poles has always believed in Justin Fields

The suggestion that Poles doesn’t believe in Fields has been ridiculous from the start. First, the Bears’ general manager vacancy was considered one of the most attractive in the NFL because of Fields. Second, Poles has made it clear since taking the job that investing in Fields goes beyond just wide receivers and offensive linemen. The coaching staff is a fundamental aspect of any player’s development and it’s been completely revamped in 2022. That, alone, will make Fields a better player.

The 2022 NFL Draft was further evidence that Poles believes in his quarterback. Five of his 11 draft picks were offensive linemen and a wide receiver. If you add running back Trestan Ebner to that count, the Bears committed six draft picks to positions that directly impact Fields. That’s a hefty investment, even if they came on days two and three.

There’s nothing more Poles can do to change the bizarre perception. His actions prove he supports Fields, and now his words do too.

“My belief is sky high with him,” he said.

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