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Re-Grading the Bears 2020 NFL Draft: Darnell Mooney is head of the class

Now that we’re done giving some way-too-early grades for the Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft, why don’t we turn our attention back to the 2020 NFL Draft? The general rule of thumb for judging NFL draft picks is to wait three years before making final judgments, and that time has come for the 2020 class.

Ryan Pace was still the GM for the Chicago Bears in 2020, and he had seven draft picks that year, a relative horde of picks for a GM who was quick to trade draft selections away. Two of those, seventh-rounders Arlington Hambright and Lachavious Simmons, are no longer with Chicago, so they won’t be graded.

I’ll grade these picks based on their draft slotting, positional value, and what they’ve done for the Bears in the last three years. Their projected future roles matter, too.

Let’s get to those grades.

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