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Poles Takes Flyer on N’Keal Harry: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Ian Rappaport announced Tuesday afternoon that the New England Patriots have traded Wide Receiver and former 2019 1st round draft pick N’Keal Harry to the Chicago Bears in return for… a 7th round draft pick. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a 2024 7th round draft pick.

Harry came into the NFL with high expectations. He’s 6’ 4”, runs a 4.5 40 yard dash, and showed reliable hands in college. According to, his player comparison heading into the draft was actually Allen Robinson.

But for some reason he has floundered in the league thus far. Maybe it was the quarterback play, maybe it was the scheme, maybe it was him, who knows? All I know is that Chicago just brought in a high-upside receiver for almost no cost at all.

Bears’ Wide Receivers Coach Tyke Tolbert will be tasked with helping Harry realize his full potential once training camp begins. It’s a tall task, but not impossible. Maybe Harry just needed a change of scenery! We’ve seen that happen often and have even been on the receiving end of seeing an underperforming 1st round draft pick go on to flourish with a new team (Leonard Floyd).

Overall, I like this move. It’s an extremely low risk/moderately high reward deal for the Bears and Harry seems to be a fit for Flus’ team and Poles’ culture. Big guy, big upside, and a terrific run blocker to boot. This will make the wide receiver battle in training camp just that more interesting!

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