This 2022 QB ranking has Justin Fields behind Daniel Jones

Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears have had a bullseye on their back all offseason. Whether it’s the decisions made by general manager Ryan Poles or the concerns about quarterback Justin Fields’ upside, the Bears can’t catch a break as we approach the dog days of summer.

Case in point? NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms published his 2022 quarterback rankings this week and had Fields at No. 23. And while it’s not entirely unfair to rank Fields in the bottom-half of starting quarterbacks right now, it does seem unreasonable to slot him two spots behind New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and one place behind New York Jets second-year man Zach Wilson.

Wilson wasn’t great as a rookie and provided fewer highlight plays than Fields despite having a better supporting cast. Jones was downright atrocious at times. Yet, Simms views both as better options entering 2022.

Simms did offer a decent amount of praise for Fields’ game.

“There’s a lot of wow with Justin Fields,” Simms said via NBC Chicago. “He made a lot of wow plays, and not just with his legs because his legs are gifted, and he’s as athletic as anybody in the sport as far as the quarterback is concerned. He’s up there with Lamar Jackson as far as the ability to run and the wow factor running the ball.

“But I think the thing I’m most impressed by, going back and watching, is wow, damn, he makes some wow throws every game. Every game. And I think that’s where I went, ‘Man, OK, Justin Fields, a little bit more of a polished passer, a little bit  more control with some of the down-the-field, wow-type throws than I gave him credit for.’ And he didn’t have the greatest offense or support system around him, and that’s where I give him a lot of credit.”

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