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Is the Bears Offensive Line…Offensive?

We are in the middle of the NFL offseason. The time of the year when everyone on Bears Twitter goes to their perspective camps and war with each other. Good times!

This is a time for misinformation and horrible football takes. One of the most egregious football takes I’ve observed is evaluating the offensive line before padded practices. I don’t know how someone can evaluate a position predicated on physicality without pads. I’m not arguing that the Chicago Bears’ offensive line will be good or bad. The reality is we do not know how good they will be. If anyone is telling you they know, after a handful of practices in basketball attire is ignorant at least, or disingenuous at worst.

The Chicago Bears have drafted six offensive linemen over the past two drafts. They have also added a veteran center in Lucas Patrick. Fans worried about the lack of experience on the offensive line is a valid concern. Unfortunately, it’s not an issue we can fully evaluate until late July.

Until then, I will defer to the GM and Assistant GM, who’ve both played the position, and been a part of organizations that have built championship-caliber offensive lines. I will defer to Offensive line coach Chris Morgan. A man who helped the Steelers become a good-running football team. He helped coach the Atlanta Falcons offensive line to get to a Superbowl. When he was under Kyle Shanahan, the Falcon’s former offensive coordinator. It’s OK to say “I don’t know yet.”

I don’t know yet.

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