Is Justin Fields the next Dak Prescott?

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields shares several traits with some of the NFL’s top QBs. He’s been compared to a range of starting quarterbacks like Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills), Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens), and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks). On Wednesday, head coach Matt Eberflus added another name to that list: Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys).

To be fair, Eberflus wasn’t suggesting Fields’ game is like Prescott’s, although it’d be reasonable to say it is. Instead, he thinks Fields can enjoy a career arc like Prescott’s had in Dallas.

“I could really probably compare this to Dak the most because he was young like this when I was there, as a rookie and then a second-year player, and he, we saw him just grow before our eyes,” Eberflus said. “And he’s a talent, you know, he’s a guy that can throw on time but also make extended plays and throw down the field, and that’s where I see that Justin is.

“And I’m not trying to compare those two players. They’re different players, but certainly, you can see the jump that we’re going to make with Justin, and I can see those things as he starts to mature in the offense.”

Justin Fields’ offseason garnering praise

Justin Fields

All of the news about Fields out of Halas Hall this offseason has been positive. It’s obvious he’s taken a significant step forward as a leader and passer entering his second year in the league.

“I would just say that [offensive coordinator Luke Getsy] and [quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko] are doing a great job with the footwork and the timing,” Eberflus said of Fields’ development. “That to me jumps out. You just ask that question, I just, boom, right here.”

Fields’ rookie year was a mixed bag of success and frustration. He flashed rare playmaking ability but also had his share of rookie hiccups. Now that the Bears are his team, and the offense is being built around his strengths, there’s no limit to how productive he can be in 2022.

Justin Fields will look to improve on last year’s stat sheet. He finished 2021 with 1,870 passing yards, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He completed 58.9% of his passes. Prescott, meanwhile, was exceptional as a rookie. He completed nearly 68% of his passes and threw 23 touchdowns to just four interceptions. In fact, Prescott regressed in his second season. Still, the point remains. Eberflus was in Dallas for Prescott’s first two seasons and witnessed his development firsthand.

Perhaps, Fields will become his own player archetype. He’s a unique athlete who can do so many things well. And if he experiences the kind of development Prescott has with the traits and skill set of other elite playmaking quarterbacks, the Chicago Bears will have a special player on their hands.

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