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Here’s what jersey number each Chicago Bears rookie will wear

The 2023 NFL Draft is over, and the newest class of Chicago Bears is set. Led by first-round pick Darnell Wright, it’s a traits-based group of big, strong, and fast players who immediately make the Bears a tougher football team.

One of the best parts of welcoming a new draft class is finding out what jersey number they’ll wear. On Saturday, we learned which digits each Chicago Bears rookie will don.

Here’s the complete list:

Round 1 – Darnell Wright: 58
Round 2 – Gervon Dexter: 98
Round 2 – Tyrique Stevenson: 29
Round 3 – Zacch Pickens: 96
Round 4 – Roschon Johnson: 30
Round 4 – Tyler Scott: 13
Round 5 – Noah Sewell: 44
Round 5 – Terell Smith: 32
Round 7 – Travis Bell: 73
Round 7 – Kendall Williamson: 36

My favorite number from this group has to be Tyler Scott’s. His speedy profile will remind old-school Chicago Bears fans of Johnnie Knox when he’s streaking down the field and catching deep shots from Justin Fields.

Jersey numbers are subject to change, of course. Once rookies get their first paycheck, they’ll have some extra cash to persuade a veteran to set a number free. We’ll update this list if anything changes.

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