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2023 NFL Draft: Bears inch closer to No. 2 pick overall after Week 17 loss to Lions

The Chicago Bears’ 41-10 loss to the Detroit Lions is a tough pill to swallow. After several competitive showings against some of the best teams in the NFL, the Bears’ nuclear meltdown in Detroit left fans searching for a silver lining.

The good news? The loss moves the Bears one week closer to the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. The pick is theirs if they lose to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 18’s season finale. They could even end up with the first overall pick if the Houston Texans find a way to defeat the Indianapolis Colts.

Unlike the last few weeks, when the pain from losses was mended by visions of Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter, Chicago’s loss to the Lions was different. It was a big step backward as the Bears march toward an offseason that’s expected to be full of big roster acquisitions through free agency and the 2023 NFL draft. The defense was horrendous, and the offense was just as bad. It has fans wondering what the team’s top offseason priorities should be at this point; an offensive lineman? A wide receiver? Someone with a pulse on defense?

Fortunately, the NFL is a week-to-week existence. A horrible showing like Sunday’s will be forgotten if the Chicago Bears put up a fight against the Vikings next week and limp into the offseason with their head held high. All will be right in the Windy City. The excitement and optimism for the offseason will return.

It’ll just take a few days to get there.

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