Chase Claypool

Chase Claypool says he’ll make Bears fans happy with Chicago’s decision to trade for him

Chicago Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool hasn’t lived up to the admittedly unfair expectations that came along with the team’s decision to trade their 2023 second-round pick for him at the trade deadline this season. He’s played five games for the Bears since the trade and has just 12 catches for 111 yards.

As it currently stands, the Bears’ second-round pick is No. 33 overall. If Chicago somehow ends the year with the first overall pick, that second-rounder will end up being a first-round value, No. 32 overall, because of the Dolphins’ forfeited first-rounder.

That’s a steep price for a player who hasn’t had a ‘wow’ moment since coming to Chicago and is currently nursing a knee injury. Still, Claypool remains confident that he’ll prove the Bears made a wise decision trading for him.

I smile because I know it was a great trade for the organization,” Claypool said via NBC Sports Chicago. “Right now, however it may look, I don’t want to get roasted for saying something too soon like I have before, but I’m very confident the fans, organization, team will be happy.”

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