• Great article about Kyler Gordon, @bryanjperez. He was actually one of my draft darlings and I was thrilled when we took him, but man he has been BAD. He has to play much better very soon.

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  • I’ve seen a lot of people worried that Fields is going to be “ruined” like Trubisky was in a bad offense. First of all, I don’t think QB’s can be ruined: they either have ‘it’ or they don’t. In Trubisky’s case, I don’t think he was ever going to be good. Poor accuracy, poor decision-making, and he couldn’t diagnose defenses even after years in the…Read More

  • Unfortunately I think it’s time to reset our/my expectations for Fields this year. It was my hope that a new coaching staff and roster would immediately unlock his full potential. Looks like it may take a little longer. So sadly I’ve been forced to bench him on my fantasy teams. I still firmly believe that his transition from struggling rookie to…Read More

  • As bad as the Bears’ offense has played so far, they’re still 2-1. Lots of upside with this team once they figure things out.

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  • I said it on Twitter, but I’m officially concerned about Justin Fields. Not panicking, not saying he’s not the guy. But unfortunately he hasn’t developed as quickly as I hoped he would. It appears he may need a full 3-year assessment before we can be certain whether he’s the guy or not. I certainly hope he turns it around, and the sooner the…Read More

    • There’s definitely reasons for concern, but we, as fans, are also scarred from Mitch Trubisky’s development. It’s natural to remember Trubisky’s inability to get better, which makes it scary anytime we see a young QB struggle now. But I trust Fields’ work ethic and football IQ. He’ll get it figured out.

      • Like I said on Twitter, Fields gets 3 full years from me before I start to openly question his place on this team. I still believe this is just part of the process for him, and we’ve got a long way to go.

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